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Aroace Technicalities

  • Thread starter Romantic and Aromantic Orientations
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Romantic and Aromantic Orientations

QUICK WARNING: I'll try keeping things short and readable, but this may be lengthy.

I think I'm aroace, but...

- I still want the relationships in time.

- I wonder if my social awkwardness / introversion has kept me from entering relationships before.

- I have trust issues and anxiety when it comes to any kind of relationship.

- I think my depression and general isolation may have ruined my chances for several relationships.

- I think my gender dysphoria may have made me uncomfortable with sex now, but when it gets better, that might change.

- I have had attraction to concepts / ideas.

- I still have attractions to concepts / ideas.

- I have had sexual relationships.

- I kinda had a romantic relationship.

- I'm not sure what type of attraction I'm having most of the time.

- I thought I was sure, but I'm still questioning.

Now for the question I'm meaning to ask...

Even though I fit into several microlabels,

even though I've been in sexual and romantic relationships in the past,

even though I may not think I'm aroace in the future,

is it okay for someone like me to use aroace as a label?